a journal from a retreat participant

Written on April 27, 2012 at 9:02 am

I feel another shift happening. Me, my thinking, my world. I once wanted everything to be neat, with straight lines, and crisp. Everything is not designed that way. And, that is perfect too. I read my 2×3 cards today….

1. I am powerful
2. I am creative.
3. I make shit happen
4. I make mistakes with grace and comfort and love
5. I am good
6. I see with joy and love
7. I have vision
8. I move forward with ease.
9. I am safe.
10. I am free to move forward
11. God supports me in all that I do
12. I am God’s lovely, beautiful, magnificent, magical child who can move mountains

1. Believing in Truth
2. My beautiful, shiny, brilliant, sweet, loving Coach’s first retreat
3. Lessons learned at the retreat
4. My courage at the retreat
5. Everyone’s willingness to love and truly share at the retreat
6. The Travaasa and the food
7. The smoothies!!!!!!!!!!!!!
8. The back jacks
9. Elevating my breathing skills
10. Learning what Aloha meant
11. Starting with the exhale…thank God someone out there agrees with me! I also think the chicken came first…sorry wrong journal.
12. Rubbing Fresh rosemary between my fingers every day…ahhh…the smell

1. I appreciate God and the spirits
2. I appreciate amazing human beings – like the ones on the retreat
3. I appreciate witnessing magic
4. I appreciate having the divine privilege of going on the retreat
5. I appreciate having hassle free travels with southwest and flights that arrive early
6. I appreciate my mom and her frustration with herself and letting it out via me (the only solution accessible to her at that time)
7. I appreciate being strong and wise
8. I appreciate all the beautiful herbs and flowers and raw nature
9. I appreciate my now

-Dayhna Carroll, Loving Your Living Coach

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