TBAs of an exhausted dog mom

Written on May 14, 2012 at 10:12 am

It was an emotionally charged weekend….intense.  Friday, Bill mentioned going to look at rescue dogs…and something told me to check the Austin Boxer group…they were having a dog meet event Saturday…and I saw this face online and knew I had to meet him.

Saturday we met, applied, discussed, agreed, and then hoped. Sunday they came for the home visit…and Leroy Brown (formerly Amadeus) stayed.   Yesterday was a day of introducing dogs, and gently welcoming a new FORCE in to our peaceful home.  Daisy and Lulu are both small…and senior and totally effortless to care for. Leroy is big and young and wants to play and totally a scavanger from being a street dog.  His foster mom says he “eats stuff.”  This means an intensive 21 day training program–full on. Pain now–years of blessing to come.  Starting out with good boundaries and expectations and building trust are important and they take effort. An effort I knew mentally about…but emotionally had forgotten.  And it has been good.  It will be good.  Adjusting has begun!

Of course I think about Hank….missing him..and somehow thinking that Hank helped direct us to Leroy Brown.  Seeing some of Hank’s dopiness in him..missing an old pal, and loving a new one.

Saturday afternoon was my friend Marc Leonard’s (www.spoonforlife.com) memorial service.  He died last week…at 43 unexpectedly.  I was asked to speak at his service.. I have so many thoughts and feeling around this. Grief is strange.  Marc was AWESOME though…and it was a celebration of him and the light and mercy he was in this world. I am not able to digest on a thougth level…just feel relief on a spirit level.  He is free.  The body may die…but AWESOME lives forever!

Today…I’m regrouping…right now allowing my dog trainer, Kimberly Burgan, to do some crate work with Leroy.  I’m allowing her to take care of me (SHOCK hard for me)…and I’m getting better at being tender…and needing care from time to time.  With her in charge of the dogs for a few hours.. I can breathe, and think and regroup–and then jump back in!



So here are the day’s TBAs:


Wow…new dog is hard work.
It was a big emotional weekend…funeral…and rescue dog.
I can still take a few moments of chill time just for me.
Chill time moments are important for me.
I love connecting to my breath and slowing down.
I can adjust to this with ease and joy.
I launched a new soul-full Saturday class this weekend.  Meditation and Manifestation with Markers and people are signing up! Can’t wait.
I love having a lap top that works and holds battery power so I can work from outside.
A green lizard just crossed my path.

My husband loving this dog.
Kimberly in action with any dog.
Bella G and her way with words and thoughts…and she’s only 5.
Dog slobber on my computer?…. Oh wait… gentle velvet doggy kisses.
How perfectly the universe works in my favor.

I appreciate how perfectly the universe works in my favor.
I appreciate bill falling for Leroy Brown.
I appreciate that Leroy Brown settled in his crate last night and we were able to sleep!!! Totally thought he was gonna have crate fits all night long!
I appreciate new clients.
I appreciate new conversations.
I appreciate discovering new thinkers and artists via friends.
I appreciate Marc’s funeral service.
I appreciate time with friends.
I appreciate that I got to see both my kids yesterday and that Samantha brought me flowers!
I appreciate the soothing physicality, mentality, and spiritual connection that connecting to my breath deeply gives me.
I appreciate that money comes in the mail all the time.
I appreciate TBAs….especially after a hiatus.

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  • maggie currie
    May 14, 2012

    I love this Allison and I know Leroy has a loving, stable home now and he will appreciate it as much as you appreciate him.

  • May 14, 2012

    Thanks Maggie for your consistent love and support!

  • Tamsyn
    May 14, 2012

    I love this post Allison- it moved me to tears. And I love you- you are total awesome stuff lady!

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