Visual Coaching SHIFT-IT Style

The SHIFT-IT© process is a visual coaching process created by Christina Merkley, one of my favorite mentors and coaches. As a certified VISUAL COACH © …in this structured program I will use a series of visual templates to coach you through the shift in your life.

This transformational coaching process is a seven-stage coaching (6-12 sessions) process that helps you get clarity and focus about what you really, really want (in whatever area(s) of life that matter most to YOU.

Working through this process can help you figure out how to manifest the outcome you desire. Along the way, this process also pulls out and works with your belief system — it will help you break through the limiting things (attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, assumptions, etc) that keep you stuck and in your current status quo.

In all, it helps you SHIFT into a life that really suits you and brings you satisfaction, joy and happiness. The use of these unique visual templates so that you can SEE your progress and inner work also provides an artifact from your journey. Naturally, this process also satisfies a craving for creativity.



SHIFT-IT© Coaching  with Crow Hill is delivered in one of three formats:

In any format, our coaching in this process covers all seven stages of the SHIFT-IT Graphic Coaching Process®:

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 There are a total of 17 maps in the process. Depending on the package you select, our sessions will personally cover 6-12 individual maps.  You will receive copies of all maps and instructions for each of the 17 maps no matter what package you purchase.


Stage 1 : Satisfaction Interrupted

This is the beginning of our journey.  The feeling or thought that has caused you to seek out coaching.  Sometimes there is a sense of feeling lost or deeply dissatisfied.  Sometime there is only a vague sense or knowing that something has to SHIFT.  You are at a crossroad in life and we will begin here.


Map 1: At The Crossroads:  We will begin by looking at your current situation and feelings about where you are now. We’ll look at what specifically causes you to feel you’d like to SHIFT your life? We’ll take a look at the reasons your satisfaction has been interrupted and find out what you’d like to accomplish throughout this process.


Stage 2: Harvest Your History

Maps 2-5: Life Maps

We’ll take a quick look back at your life…and look at the beliefs that were formed by different events and influences. This overview is just a high level look and our primary purpose is to uncover the patterns and beliefs started along the journey of your life (vs relive painful experiences).



Map 6: Catch and Release

After looking over the life maps, we’ll harvest insights.  Then we’ll decide what beliefs are working for you….and which ones we’d like to release. You’ll love this new way of looking back at past events and feel your load lightened as you move forward.




Stage 3: Investigate Your Now

This third stage is about examining your current circumstances and feelings about your NOW. This will help you see your current reality clearly and decide what is working for you, and where gaps might be.

Map 7: Focus on Me

In this map, we will take a look at the different areas of life.  Much like a wheel of life in traditional life coaching, you will rate each area on a scale of 1-10 and think a little about the reasons you gave for each rating.  Taking a deeper look you may find you have more satisfaction than you realize, or you may see specific areas where you could take action to increase your level of satisfaction.


Map 8: S.E.L.F. Inventory

Next we will take a look at the current skills, foundational supports, and learning opportunities of your current situation.  We will also listen for evolutionary whispers that may be drawing you to your future self.



Stage 4: Focus on Your Future

Now that we’ve looked back and examined your present, we’ll begin stirring and creating the vision for the future.  Creating and SEEING your future vision is truly the fuel that creates your life, and where many of my clients get stuck.  We’ll conjure your vision from within in a few different ways ensuring clarity that will empower you to move forward.

Map 9: Essential Extracts

Like a vision board on steroids- an essential extracts poster and this map process will help you not only see the specifics of what you are naturally drawn to, but will also help you identify the ESSENCE of those things.



Map 10: Future Self Vision

In this powerful session, we’ll use a guided meditation to draw out and “meet” your future self.  Connecting with this version of yourself can give you intuitive details that encourage you from the inside out, and can give you tips and insight that speed up your process.


Map 11: Magnetism Map

Now that we’ve worked to gain clarity about your future and vision, we’ll assemble those elements in to a POWERFUL map….that like a MAGNET…will help you draw the details in to reality.  You’ll create powerful affirmation and intention statements about your future, and be able to check to see if you are energetically “allowing” these visions to become real.


 Stage 5: Trouble at the Border

Often when doing visioning and future creation work, we experience varying levels of resistance, doubt, and even shame.  The inner critic begins “SCREAMING” to keep you from growing along your intended journey.  In this stage, you will learn techniques for soothing the inner critic, releasing the resistance and doubt….and realigning with your true YOU!


Map 12: Flip It, Flip It Good

OK inner critic and loud mouth doubt…you now have a contained space to spew your resistance….BUT…. with the FLIP IT map, we get to flip each statement…soothing out the truth and quieting the fear.  Here we not only SHIFT the negative statements, but we also SHIFT in to soothing and positive energy.


Map 13: Inner Alignment

Here, we’ll track back through the familial beliefs and attitudes that may hold you back from your vision. You’ll be able to see a larger context and climate of you life based on your family and culture.




Map 14: Archaeology of Beliefs

Here, we’ll track back through the familial beliefs and attitudes that may hold you back from your vision. You’ll be able to see a larger context and climate of you life based on your family and culture.


Stage 5 : Ink It, Don’t Just Think It

We’ve been inking our thought all the way through this visual coaching process … and now we’ll pull  all of your various thinking into one ‘big picture’.  We’ll move from the visioning, thinking, imagination and internal realm into the action, doing, physical and external realm. We’ll also bridge the gap between your Vision (your desired future) and your current reality…and we’ll define specific action steps to help launch you forward in your SHIFT. They say if it is in writing, it is more likely to happen!



Map 15: Big Picture Plan

This is where we take all the elements and put them in one place.  Elements of your Magnetism Map, wisdom from your future self, and 3 big action steps all in one place leave you one step closer to the FUTURE YOU!



 Stage 6: Take Action!

In this FINAL stage of the process, you will actually create an action plan to carry out your SHIFT!


Map 16: Take Action Plan

This is where the vision hit’s reality with actionable steps that will propel you forward.  We’ll create a plan with 3 primary action areas. Incremental steps with dates for accountability ensure that you will manifest your desired state through these specific steps.



Map 17: Declaration of Intent

This final map is the culmination of your beautiful work.  In this closing move we will create a final gesture and statement of intention for moving forward.




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