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RECORD: As a Graphic Recorder, I am your Visual Scribe, uniquely trained to capture the key points, messages, goals, contributions, and “ah-ha’s” of a session in real-time.

As a recorder I am off-to-the-side – – I usually set up on the edge of a room and use 4×8 paper, markers, pastels and my keen listening skills, to record the conversation as it unfolds.

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FACILITATE: As a Graphic Facilitator I am your Visual Guide. I pair my coaching and facilitation expertise with graphic recording skills in a creative and interactive process.

  • Participants will be engaged
  • Individual ideas are captured
  • Group decisions are recorded

The powerful dynamics of Graphic Facilitation cannot be understated.

As a facilitator I am front and center… drawing your staff or trainees into the process while in essence, making a mural of your progress, objectives, and essential action points.

In a pre-meeting consultation, we will collaborate and decide on a unique agenda for the session that meets your main objectives.

Events that can be enhanced with Graphic Facilitation: Team Building Retreats, Staff Retreats, Strategic Visioning Meetings, Strategic Planning Meetings, Personal Retreats, Training & Development Meetings, Brainstorming Sessions, Custom Created Events

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★ The originals you will receive are functional in nature—they are created live and in the moment. As such, while attractive and engaging, they will not have the quality and level of perfection of studio created graphics. You may or may not choose to have me create a “studio-perfected” version for an additional fee.

★  While these final works are yours, I do respectfully request that proper and professional credit be given to Allison Crow as the creator and ask that my signature and logo remain on the work in all ways you choose to distribute or use.

★ I maintain the right to use digital copies in my portfolio unless otherwise agreed.

Graphic recording and facilitation projects are quoted on a per event basis, as each event is unique and has its own needs and requirements.  Often, both pre and post time will be required (for prep and documentation) in addition to actual time spent in the room.  I use the per day rate of $2300 for recording and $3000 for facilitation for corporate work. Below are basic fees, and call me to discuss packaging options! I will work with you to find a solution that fits your budget.

Half-Day Events: $ 1500- 2000 (Austin Metro area only)

One Day Graphic Recording Events: $2300+

One Day Graphic Facilitation, Team Building, Strategic Visioning Events: $3000+

Two-Three Day Events:  $4,500-7,000+

Please Note: Direct expenses (travel, accommodations, meals, additional materials, etc.) are additional.  Approximate fees include basic pre-meeting prep (up to half day) and creation of graphic meeting report.

A deposit of 50% is required to secure dates (the remaining 50%, plus direct expenses incurred, will be invoiced upon completion of my work.

I also offer on-the-spot coaching packages for leaders and business partners, for private, in-depth, confidential thinking sessions (of course, often using visuals). Get clear on your desires, goals and vision before engaging partners and staff.

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