MY origional Wonder Woman- SARK

Written on April 11, 2012 at 1:59 pm

Check out all my SARK books napping in my hammock!

Yep…it is Wonder Woman Wednesday  again… sharing the magical wonder of amazing women!

I met SARK in the 1995 when I was living in Boulder, Co…at the very beginning of my self discovery journey.  I remember finding one of her books in a small local bookstore…and I felt like I’d just come across a long lost soul sister.  She was an artist, and a thinker, and a beauty-full FEELER! She was living a magic life– doodling, growing, being, laughing, smiling, and sharing her magic with the world! It was THEN I KNEW I wanted to do the same.

No I haven’t actually met Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy in person….but she’s so THERE in her books…and that THERENESS jumped off the pages and on to my heart.  Ever since then, I’ve collected book after book and there is always one in rotation on both my bedside table, and –a-hem…by the commode.  Even just a few pages fill me up with joy, hope, authenticity and zest.

I’m joyfully on SARK’S email list…I want to hear and follow all that she does.  Check out her fun website at

She is the essence of magic, of self love, of transformation, compassion, joy-full living and NAPS! 

In those early years…she let me know that wonder was possible as an adult –and here I am today…living that same wonder!I also know that when one of my books finally gets birthed…it is POSSIBLE to publish the whole sucker in living color and my handwritten font!

 One of these day’s I know our paths will cross in a perfect stardust way….maybe a hammock park, or a pajama slumber party…or maybe eating naked mangos from a tree house… ever it happens…I know it will be magic and wonder. 

If you are feeling dry, cracked, and bored or borking….get you some SARK and juice up your life! You will LOVE her…. I PROMISE!

Remember…check out and heres a quick link to all her books on Amazon!

Here is her Facebook Page and you can follow her on Twitter @susanAkaSARK

If you love SARK, share this post, share a story, or comment below about how she has brought wonder in to your world…I know there are many SARK Sisters out there!

Hugs and love till next time,



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  • Kristen
    April 12, 2012

    SARK is definitely rooted in my A-ha! moment, too! Thanks for identifying her!!!

  • April 12, 2012

    But of course, Kristen….somehow I know we are soul sisters in a way! xoxox

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