Wonder Woman Wednesday- Nikki Buckelew

Written on May 23, 2012 at 11:49 am

It is Wonder Woman Wednesday

Yeah… I’m totally profiling my bff and fellow coach Nikki Buckelew today.  She was my coach back in 2008 or something like that and she FIRED me as a client….because she wanted me to be friends. We were both at the time believing that clients couldn’t be friends.  We are totally over that and now share so much in life and have been collaborating and coaching one another ever since.

We are soul friends….sisters… travel and dream together…and we still coach one another by either hiring the other, or on a call saying…can you be my coach today…then my friend….

I love what Nikki offers the world in a zillion ways.  She, unlike me, still enjoys the real estate world.  She has a heart for agents and a heart for helping seniors downsize.  She is a bad ass coach… she is a COOL coach who works with cool people.

This email came across the wire and while I’ve sent her a request to publish…I’m just gonna do it and assume she’ll be fine. These are great lessons we can all learn from…and I want to share a bit of a soul spirit friend, and a damn excellent coach with you:

Buckelews on the Move…

 About a year ago this time, we were just finalizing the purchase of our dream home here in Marco Island, Florida.

 Bought the house. Moved into the house. Love the house. Love the water. Love the nature around us. Realized we miss our friends, family, and social life desperately!

 And so it goes…  Another chapter in our lives complete. Another dream dreamed, goal set, and goal achieved. Check, check, and check!

 We have figured out a few things in this journey that we would love to share with you, our friends.

 1. Checking goals off your list is great. Remembering that it’s not about the end result as much as the journey…priceless.

 2. A few straight months on the beach is more than enough. Go figure.

 3. When you are a people person, working from the house with your spouse all day every day is fine, but only in small doses. 

 4. Taking an extended breather after 3 years of a balls-to-the-walls kick-a#% hard core on-the-go lifestyle is not only recommended, but necessary. (had to censor “the word” because of spam filters… so sick of being censored- ugh).

 5. Being away from family and friends for a while makes one appreciate just how valuable that afternoon meetup with beer, chips and salsa is in the grand scheme of things.

 6. Not everyone has the same definition of living a life by design. 

 7. Coaching can not only help one become a better version of them self, but it may actually save your life. 

 8. Once you have been in the same professional environment for many years, it takes quite a while to get acclimated to a new one.

 9. True friends remain true friends no matter where you move to, what you do, how crazy you are, or how much you drink. Others remain well, just … others. 

 10. Taking vacations to amazing destinations throughout the year requires a bit of planning, but can originate anywhere and take you virtually anywhere too. Build flexibilty into your life. 

 Oh… one more. Grandbabies change everything. 

If you know of anyone looking to buy an amazing house in Marco Island, Florida, keep us in mind!

 Here is a virtual tour… 155 Hollyhock Crt, Marco Island, FL


 We will be moving back to Austin as soon as it is SOLD!


Nikki and Chris

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”
— Unknown





“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic.”
— Unknown



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